Thursday, March 18, 2004

I've been pretty depressed today, partly for what I'd say is a good reason (I completely and totally bombed a test, which was at least theoretically avoidable), and for a bad reason (it appears that some people in my Advanced Creative Writing class are more motivated and/or skilled than me, that must mean I'll be a miserable failure as a writer for the rest of my life, waaah). However, I'm smart enough (barely :)) to realize that being without sleep, as I am right now, always makes my mood shitty. So I will carefully avoid deep thought and introspection until I've had 12 hours of sleep. Which I would not be surprised if it happened all in one sitting.

The CT was pretty good this week, except for a single glaring error (that I know of so far, but come on, there can't be that many) I personally caused. Lesson Learned This Week: If an article needs padding, an info box should be the absolute last fucking resort. It's never as useful as more quotes would be, if they can be got, and when we create an info box at 3 a.m. it is way too easy to screw them up majorly like we did this time.

Also, a credit card I applied for came in the mail. If you wonder why this is worth mentioning - it's my first. I've probably sent in 8 or 10 applications since my freshman year to various student-oriented cards, and this is the first that was accepted. I think the main problem is the fact that I had absolutely no credit history, not even student loans. But I've finally got a card, which is nice because it means I don't have to rely on my dad for charity or emergencies so much. Of course, I won't turn down his charity while I don't have a real job, but independence is nice. As is establishing a credit history.

And this means there's one more thing I'll have to organize: my checkbook. I've been terrible about balancing it. That rarely matters, but I think it will now.

I should really send out the last of my story assignments right now. You know what? Fuck it. I have several assigned already, and the two or three I have yet to assign can wait until after I've got some sweet, blessed sleep.

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